At the age of 17 i grabbed my guitar and started to learn. But i don´t wanted to play songs from other musicians, i wanted to be creative, i wanted to write my own songs.
I also was very creative to recorded my first ideas. One or two cassette recorders and a casio keyboard with a recording function.
The years passed bye, i´ve learnd a lot and here i am:
Multiinstrumentalist, Composer, Producer, Sound Engineer
When i start playing the guitar, the keys or the bass and i find a new guitarriff, a melody or a cool bassline. When i build up the song like a house. Brick for brick, instrument for instrument, hour for hour. When i do all these mixing and mastering stuff. And then, when i hear the finished song and i get goose bumps, it´s definitly one of the best things in the world!

– Michael W.